Animal Shelter Escape Walkthrough

You were picked up by the Dog Catcher and brought to the shelter. You miss your family and must ESCAPE to get back home.

Leave the MAIN CAGE (Start screen) by clicking on the orange arrow to go to the OUTSIDE CAGE. Once outside click on the EMPTY BOWL and take it to your inventory bar at the bottom. Click on the cat, he will ask you for water in exchange for an item he found. The raccoon will ask for something sweet. Follow the orange arrow back to the MAIN CAGE and click on the floor to find a place to dig a hole. You will come out of the cage into the HALLWAY. Talk to the chihuahua. The chihuahua will exchange a WATER BOWL for DOG FOOD. In the OFFICE move the chair to reveal COINS. Take the COINS and use them in the vending machine to receive a CANDY BAR. Add it to your inventory. Open the left cabinet to find the dog food. Move the EMPTY BOWL to the dog food to put it in the bowl. Move back to the HALLWAY and give the DOG FOOD BOWL to the chihuahua to receive the WATER BOWL. Go through the hole in the floor to get back inside the MAIN CAGE then go to the OUTSIDE CAGE again. Give the cat the water and he will drop a KEY CARD on the ground. Take it. Place the CANDY on the spot of dirt. The raccoon will want to get to that candy bar. Return to the OFFICE and use the cat's KEYCARD to open the right side cabinet and another KEY CARD will show up. Take it. With the new KEY CARD in your inventory release it next to the KEY PAD. Click on the KEY PAD and a COMBINATION PICTURE PUZZLE will appear. From clues in the game select the right order of THREE dog pictures (solution below) and the small metal cabinet will open. Grab the BOLT CUTTERS and go to the OUTSIDE CAGE one more time. There is a little break in the fence so release the BOLT CUTTERS there and the raccoon will cut a large hole in the fence. Click on the large hole and ESCAPE!


Click the dog pictures in this order: Dalmatian, Corgi, and Poodle.

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