Escape the Engineer's Maze Walkthrough

An insane engineer has locked you inside a maze of rooms. Solve his riddles and collect items to make your escape.

Solutions to puzzles in the game:

Find a crowbar in the room with trees.

Use crowbar in cave scene to move rock exposing cube.

Cube from cave shows clue to receiving power cord from the glowing walls room (below). The power cord is used in the first room with key in glass.

Turn three valves in the game to raise the water level in the pool room to reach the red glasses. The red glasses are used in the laser room to reach the cork screw.

In the first room with the key in the glass, attach the power cord to the outlet and the cork screw to the red piece above the glass and press green button. This will release the old key. This key is used on the locked door in the clown face room.

Word Door Solution

The doors in the Planets Room are outlined with letters. Unscrambled they spell the solution for the door.

The correct word is SHAPE.

Alfabetize Solution

Click the block letters in alphabetical order of their spelling...R = are, Q = cue, etc.

The correct order is R Q W I C Y U. This gives you the key to the Planets Room.

Laser Room Solution

Use the red glasses from the pool room to show a path through the lasers and reach the cork screw. The cork screw is used in the first room with key in glass.

Mummy Chest Solution

Throughout the rooms is the representation of numbers and their colors. Use the colors in a chronological order on the chest. For example; the first puzzle room encountered has an upside down "L" that is green. It represents the number 7. Green will be the seventh color on the mummy chest.

The correct order of colors on the mummy chest is Yellow, Purple, White, Blue, Pink, Orange, Green and Red.

Glowing Walls Solution

Use the cube (turned upside down by clicking it) from cavern room to show the path to follow. This will turn off the lasers and give you the power cord. (Ignore the number 7 in the picture, it has been removed.)

Glowing walls solution.

Vault Door Solution

The combination for the vault door room is found in the mummy chest on a scroll. The correct sequence is clicking the Left turn button 3 times, Right turn button 6 times, Left turn button 1 time, Right turn button 3 times, Left turn button 2 times, and clicking the handle to end the game.

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