Oddball's Escape3: Dream House Walkthrough

You escaped the Fair Grounds but unfortunately fell asleep in the truck you left in.  Waking up you find yourself in yet another unfamiliar place.  Try to escape.  Home may be closer than you think.

Get empty pot.

Fill with dirt.

Using the clue on the “To Do List” unlock the seed case and take the seed pack.

Click on the pot of dirt, add seed pack to it.

Take planted seeds and water with hose.

Place watered seeds under light and turn on light to see vine appear (If light is already on, vine will appear when watered seeds are place under light).

Click on vine part, weight flattens vent.

Go thru vent to hall.

Click on closed vent to continue game.

In Kid’s room take the child’s drawing and red balloon.

In Computer room, load paper to printer to get chart clue.

In Bedroom use chart clue to open drawer to see shirt clue (peace symbols).

In the Computer room, use shirt clue to open locked drawer.

Take bent paperclip from Computer room drawer.

Attach bent paperclip to balloon.

Go to Living room.

Place balloon with clip close to the floor under the fan.  The balloon with clip will float up and hook the special remote.  NOTE: If fan is spinning the balloon will not go up.  Must use switches in the hall.  The fan will spin only if both switches are in the down position.   If fan is turned back on, return to Living room to see balloon near the floor.  Pop the balloon and take the special remote.

Use special remote on garage door to see it open.  Click on opening to watch end sequence.

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